L Fest del Mar was a brainwave of Cindy's last year and I must admit, I was not sure whether it would work, whether the L festers would travel,  but I needn't have worried. They came,  they saw and
Wow!!!, was the most popular word, Wow!! when they saw the 5 star apartments Wow!!! when they saw the beach, Wow!!! when  they saw the the infinity pool, but by the time the Lfesters reached the venue they were speechless.  The dome shaped building resembled a space ship that had landed on a remote beach   and last night it looked as if it had come straight from Venus, full of some very excited and gorgeous women. 
I was on the door with AJ and Rosie, not a hard job at all, sitting in the sunshine issuing wristbands meeting and greetings our lovely L festers. Cindy looked very relaxed and in control after a very eventful week which included not being allowed onto the plane because of a damaged passport and then travelling from Birmingham to Leeds to get another flight with the same offending passport!
There were so many lovely people there, but a special mention must go to Ju and Julie who were so pleased to be there, especially as Cindy had hired in 2 wheelchairs for them to make it possible.
Cindy certainly lives up to the family motto of 'Don't just dream it,  do it' xx