We asked L Festers to describe 'What L Fest means to you' in one sentence...

Like landing on another planet, with all the boxes ticked!
— L Fester 2011


A lovely gathering of lesbians, in all age groups getting to know each other.

A place to be myself and meet like minded people

It's family, like coming home for Xmas but better...

Be yourself, in the company of others who enjoy what you enjoy, lesbian heaven on earth.

Meeting lovely people in a relaxed atmosphere with good music and so much fun!




A wonderful concept,well organised, professional, great fun, inspirational, very enjoyable simply funtastic!

Something I drove home from with a big smile on my face :-)

A fun, friendly, diverse festival which makes me love being a woman who loves women even more! ;-)

An event where I can feel very much part of a lesbian community and enjoy that.

A festival with a strong sense of community, respect, fun and friendship with a great variety of things to do, suitable for all ages and abilities - somewhere I felt safe and comfortable to be myself at all time, which led to the best weekend of my year!
— L Fester 2012

Fun and friendly sapphic weekend with loads to do.

To feel like a family of wild women, lets face it when else does this happen on mass !

A bloody good weekend- camping with my friends, embracing all things lesbionic and enjoying being surrounded by women. Lush!

Dancing and laughing, and opening my eyes to the amazing lesbians the world has to offer.

A friendly environment where I can be proud and open about my relationship with my girlfriend surrounded by what we love most,camping and music!!

Like landing on another planet, with all the boxes ticked!

Having fun in a unique environment, meeting new people and experiencing different things

Brilliant fun, great music, arts and celebrities, and meeting lots of lovely people!