Well what a weekend that was!



I think it's taken me two weeks to recover! It has been hailed by many as 'the best yet' and I am so so proud of everyone who made this festival happen, the crew, the artists and you. Every year this festival brings something different and I hope you agree with me that this location was fabulous. It was like being at a festival and on holiday all at the same time! Special shout out to those who drove hours from the South, North & East to this wonderful gem of a spot on the West Welsh coast and we hope you will all make the journey next year. 
The location with all the different intimate spaces worked so well for us, and it was great to see all artists, even those still unknown getting full audiences. As I walked around the site arts workshops were full, there was all ages playing on the assault course or many solos meeting lots of new faces in the tea tent. This is the platform we wanted to create.
The festival itself got so much publicity from local press and we were so well accepted in the town itself which is wonderful, we even got the BBC famous red sofa at the festival

As with any new site we already know many tweaks we want to make, but we are also looking forward to hearing your feedback on what you liked or what you might change. 

My Facebook timeline has only just calmed down and was awash with photos and comments which is fantastic and look out for all the official photo albums on social media page: L Fest Events

Don't just take my word for it either check out these awesome reviews below.

Enjoy the rest of your summer L Festers and we will be in touch with ticket sales late September and the news of L Festive and the L Fest Awards later in the year. 

Love from Cindy (aka the Boss) 



Becky Tebbett & the wonderful Arts Immersion tent parade


Our official run down of the festival by Press Officer Nici Griffin. 


The BBC breakfast

The famous red sofa arrived in the middle on the field and filmed some wonderful stories of L Festers talking about coming out & their lives back home with L Festers that they had not met before. 

bbc radio 5 live 

Radio 5 approached to do a video on what it is like to be a family with two mums 



Emma Goswell says 'Take me back to L Fest'


'Donning a flower crown and two kids in tow, this is what I learned from a day at L fest 2018'

Llinos Llaw Gyffes - adolygiad iaith Gymraeg (welsh language review)

Bore Llun. Mae’n gwawrio arnaf mai yfory fydd y tro cyntaf i mi wir ddeall y term post-festival blues.

(Monday Morning. It bursts on me that tomorrow will be the first time I really understand the term post-festival blues)


'The strangers in the tent next to you will be your family for the wekend'

nic bean for a twenty something lesbian

'Seriously these women are the nicest, friendliest bunch of people who have one thing in common, they’re gay'

north wales pioneer