L Fest Solo Club is for friendship and to meet others to enjoy and share the weekend. There  is a specific crew designated to meet and greet you and introduce you to others in the group as soon as you arrive. There's a solos camping area, a group meet & greet  where you can meet others to take part in activities together. Ages 18-80+.

Some of the L Fest solos joined us at the Birmingham Pride Ball 2013

Join our solos facebook group now and make friends before the weekend itself. The solos are arranging meet ups and events themselves before L Fest so its great to join in the fun. It’s not about dating, but if you happen to meet someone special that's just a bonus! We have already had a number of relationships start at L Fest and we are looking for a good excuse to buy a hat! :-)

At L Fest we want to create a safe, relaxing and carefree environment for L Festers who visit L Fest on their own, to make new friends and to enjoy the festival.

2017 has seen lots of solos join together to go camping, to Bristol, Cardiff, Liverpool and Birmingham, so where ever you are based join in! 


The Story behind the unicorn...

When you join the solo group, you will see lots of mentions of the unicorn; this is where it started. 

It started off with a joke from a friend, Effi Mai to put a unicorn on the L Fest poster as we had everything else on it. This then leads me to find this definition - that i shared. From then on, on a regular basis I see unicorns (not real ones - just yet!), get sent unicorns and have conversations on unicorns! The solos have taken the term over and are looking for their unicorn. I've bought unicorndating.com, and we even now sell unicorn t shirts thanks to prettypinkpearl.co.uk. 

The all important quote is something I saw in the urban dictionary. Whether single, in a relationship or even married we can all relate to our unicorn!
.......That girl that you can't catch. Everything about her is so perfect (divine, if you will) getting with her is unfathomable. She is truly a blessing from God. Bumping into her on the sidewalk is a good day. Holding a conversation with her... you were probably dreaming. Anything beyond that - good luck. It takes time, effort, and a whole lot of persistence. But never give up; unicorns are said to be "uncatchable," but nothing is impossible. Impossible is nothing. Under no circumstances, never ever, not ever, at no time, should you ever marry a girl who is not your unicorn... Everyone has a unicorn; it's just a matter of spotting her and tracking her down. Give it time, it will happen. "For destiny grants us our wishes, but in its own way, in order to give us something beyond our wishes".

So there you go, if you are solo now have fun in this group and enjoy it. You may just find your unicorn when you're not even looking for her!