I hope you have all had a Merry Christmas, I enjoyed spending time with my family and indulged in too much food and too much wine!!!  So now I am thinking of New Years resolutions!!!  Mine involve doing something I have always wanted to do and taking up .......singing lessons.  Yes sorry Cindy!!!!  But I love to sing, but don't do it very well. So here goes.  I have just Googled 'Singing lessons in Shrewsbury ' and made the first point of contact!!

So what is your New Years resolution?  It is no use leaving it to New Year or it won't happen.  Start thinking now, what is it you really want to do in 2014 .... and then plan how you are going to go about it.  If you haven't been to L Fest yet, make 2014 you pluck up the courage and come. Maybe you would like to come to L Fest del Mar, but don' know anyone who is coming?  Then join the FB pages and make friends or just come along and make friends there.

For some of you it may be 'coming out' to your family and friends, the L Fest family will give you the confidence to be who you are, and proud of who you are.

What ever you want to do, I hope this is the year you do it.  Looking forward to seeing you all in 2014. xxxxxx