Shhhhhh..... don't tell any one, but Cindy has flown to Spain today for a meeting tomorrow with the owner of a fabulous beach venue. Cindy and I sold property in this area of Spain from 2001 to 2008.We still sell property there and still have a fantastic website, but since the property crash in 2008, sales have been very slow and are only just starting to pickup. In fact prices are now half what they were in 2008, so it is a great time to buy if you have the cash.     So Cindy is quite used to flying to Spain at a moments notice. I think you will love it. Numbers will be restricted to 350 for the first year, so once details have been released you will have to get your name down. I have volunteered to be on the gate!!! Cindy will be back on Thursday, can't wait to hear her news