Well they have cycled 57 miles from Guildford to New Haven and so far loving every minute of it.  They are with 12 other volunteers and they all  slept on the floor of an Age Concern building last night. All the money they raise goes to Project Peru Orphanage, none of it is spent on their accommodation or food, they are relying on charity and kind hearted people who are feeding them and putting them up as they go along.  Cindy said the food has been amazing, like a picnic on wheels!!  So far the group has raised £27,000 and are hoping to make it £30,000 by the time they reach Paris.  Thank you to my Slimming World friends for their support, I will be rattling my tin again this week :-)  xx

Cindy's foot is bandaged up and she says it is fine with her trainers on!!   They are on the ferry to Dieppe today so at least they will have some rest (hope it is not too rough a crossing ) ..... only another 143 miles to go.  :-)  xx