Wow just spent the weekend at Farmer Phil's festival at Ratlinghope with Cindy, Laurie and (some of the time) John. My first impression was OMG I am so pleased that Cindy didn't go to festival before organising L Fest,  it was a shambles! !! The stewards on the gate wreaked of booze and didn't look at all professional. L Fest staff are not allowed to drink with their L Fest T shirts on.  Then we found the loos to say I was shocked is an understatement!  I felt sick and quickly moved to the next one which wasn't any better and this was at the beginning of the festival.

We watched Beth Prior who was fantastic and enjoyed the accoustic stage. John had had enough by about 6.00pm and said he would pick me up later. I enjoyed spending time with Cindy and Laurie. Cindy was on a roll thinking about Stanstock 2014!!!! Developing a new entrance and which date would be the best.  She decided on the 4th July, so watch this space. heard it hear first.

At about 8.00pm the electricity failed we waited about an hour for it to get fixed, but by this time it was raining cats and dogs! ! I decided to call it a day,  so Laurie and Cindy made bacon butties and we  called it a day.