Not put off by yesterday's disgusting toilets, rough terrain,  no electricity and a downpours,  I was determined to go back to the festival, wearing my wellies.  John didn't want to go, which came as no surprise as we don't like the same music,  but  I was a bit disappointed when Cindy and Laurie arrived on the doorstep.  Cindy looked rough and said that she was kept awake until 4.00pm thanks to noisy neighbours and they were going home!!!. However after a cup of tea,  a bit of persuading and a hot shower, they decided to go back,  much to my  delight. The day was slow getting off the ground, however Clock Tower and Merry Hell got us rocking. The entertainment was much better than the day before. The high spot for me was when The Red Hot Chilli Pipers came on. They really got the crowd on their feet, infact it was the biggest crowd of the weekend.  They were so talented, polished , professional and exciting.  They were in a league of their own. 
All in all I loved it,  it was great to be out in the fresh air, listening to music. It was a great place to people watch and look at the various fashions - do people really dress like that or was it fancy dreass?  It was a music festival,  but it wasn't L Fest,  L Fest is so much more. L Fest is life changing for so many women. L Fest is caring, sharing and emotional.  L Fest is Music, Arts and Comedy.  L Fest is Cindy's dream xx