I am new to Blogging, so please bear with me. Cindy and Reanda  went up to Uttoxeter last night to 'set up camp' ahead of the CREW.  The CREW will all be making their way to Uttoxeter today and the excitement mounts.  How do you turn a Racecourse into a Lesbian Festival of Music and Arts. ?  Watch this space! It is going to be HOT, HOT , HOT so I hope they are up early and getting on with the jobs.  I am going up with Rosie later today, for a CREW meeting tonight.  Rosie and I are Gate and Parking Managers and also will be making sure the L Fest Lovelies are there to meet you with their pink wheel barrows and to help you to put up your tents if you need help.  The great thing is, everyone helps everyone else, it is so friendly. The dodgems arrived last night...... Cindy didn't sleep much!!  I think it will be the same for the next few nights.  Who needs sleep when you can run on adrenalin x