What an amazing first day, over 1000 women came rushing through the gates. Some had been stuck in traffic for hours but the Crew were there to give them a very warm (very hot) welcome and help them with their tents.

The atmosphere was incredible,  the venue was fantastic I think it must have been built for L Fest! !!!  Cindy opened the Festival by welcoming everyone.  The crew entertained with a very 'enthusiastic' dance which was given a rapturius applause.   I popped in for 10 mins and I was bursting with pride to see Cindy so confident on the stage.  The evening finished with a firepit session thanks to Fish and friends. Now this is where it gets a bit vague:-( I remember singing 3 of my favourite songs!!

Anyway must go now. Going back on the gate in 30 mins . My son Gareth has come over from  Denmark to help and I don't know how we would have managed without him. Also it is lovely to spend time with him.  I could write loads ....... but one proud Mum has to go to work xx