• L Fest 2017 (map)
  • LE12 5SQ

Share the highs, lows and downright hilarity of the eternal scramble to seek, find, and inevitably lose, the woman of your dreams. Be taken by the hand and gently guided through the ridiculous scenarios that the search for love and Ms Right (or just a good hard ...) can entail.

Butch, femme, top, bottom, vanilla or spice, you'll find so many flavours to enjoy, in this unmissable, spoken word journey down the tunnel of love. This tasting menu invites you to dig your ladle deep into libidinous lasagne layers, uncovering tales of saucy sexual misadventure. Plates of performance poetry are sprinkled with well-observed one liners. High quality fillings are provided, in the form of video tips from friends, which will cause your soufflé to rise exponentially, surpassing all your expectations.

Who knows, you may be lucky enough to catch the eye of the diva of your dreams, across the sushi belt of suggestive rhyme!

Annabelszki presents an authentic narrative, exploring the contemporary minefield of lesbian love, lust, dating and break ups. An energetic and comedic poetic voyage.

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