• L Fest 2017 (map)
  • LE12 5SQ

This yoga class will be suitable for all levels.  We will work from the bottom up, from the complete beginner to the more seasoned practitioner. 

Learn how to breathe!  The essence of yoga is correct breath so just come along and (re-learn) to breathe!   Stretching, holding, folding, twisting, balancing, all optional!

The class will begin and end with mindfulness exercises. We will go on a guided journey to deepen our connection with ourselves.

We will close with a deep shavasana (relaxation) at the end.

Please bring a yoga mat or roll mat if you have one and a blanket or something warm to wrap up in in relaxation.  If you have none of that, come anyway, the grass and earth will hold you perfectly.

The more seasoned yogi will be invited to create their own practice, to deepen or extend any pose within their own ability, alternatives will be guided.