underground annie 2

UNDERGROUND-ANNIE aka Annelen Starefoss, Hails from Bergen, Norway.

There is something incredibly humble about seeing Annelen play, she has a way of really drawing the audience into her world, a world that is laced with strength, fragility and feeling whilst allowing us into the most vulnerable parts of her soul. Her first appearance in the UK was through her involvement with The L Project on their first & second charity singles. This is her debut performance as a solo-artist for L Fest, and she reminds me that she’s all too comfortable with being behind the scenes and not under the lights.

Annelen is due to record her first EP in the coming year, and given the beauty of her homeland it’s sure to follow suit. She is well known in the surrounding area for her work with LLH Bergen & Hordaland (LGBT Board), Rainbow Days/Bergen Pride and AKKS. AKKS (Active women’s culture centre) was set up to address gender inequalities within the professional music scene and to encourage more young women to take active roles in the industry by providing a safe space to do it in. 30 years on AKKS has been hitting its targets and provides rehearsal rooms, workshops and support for all young artists in Norway.

Through her involvement in these organizations she has met a wide variety of professionals & is currently working as an independent agent for up-and-coming artists.