Britt Kusserow is a singer-songwriter with wandering feet.  She has travelled, lived, and performed in various parts of New Zealand, as well as New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, the American Midwest and Vermont.

Britt writes about women, ships, and the universe, and acknowledges she knows very little about any of those things.  Lyrically based, Britt's songs are mostly inspired by (and born out of) angry chick rock, slow dancing with self-conscious alt-folk.

The latest release from Britt Kusserow, 'Absolutions' is now available for download on iTunes or CDBaby.  'Absolutions' is the follow-up to Britt's last EP 'Concessions,' and furthers a narrative about loss and renewal, the things we lose, the things we can't live without, and how we live without them anyway.