L Fest Del Mar is located at the tip of a 18km peninsular; La Manga Strip, Murcia, Spain. 

Getting There

The nearest airports are Murcia, San Javier. There are many low cost airlines that go to Murcia including Ryanair, Easyjet, Jet2  which travel from most UK and many European cities.

Alicante airport is an extra hour up the coastline and offers many more flight options. If travelling from Alicante you need to hire a car, but it can offer more morning flights if on a short trip can make it very worthwhile. Low cost airlines are great if you stay within their rules;  read their small print. 

Once in Spain there are three main travel options from Murcia Airport to La Manga:

(All prices correct Oct 2015) 

By boat

By far the cheapest and most scenic way to La Manga, we found this option on our last trip. A taxi from the airport to Santiago de la Ribera is just 5 minutes, then there are 5 boats per day that go across to La Manga from 10.30 - 18.30. This 45 minutes boat ride across the Mar Menor is lovely and costs just 4 euros and 1 euro for a beer!

The boat arrives in the marina, where you can get a short 10 minute bus ride every half hour to the apartments. Many people travelling with hand luggage and small baggage choose this option as a cheap way to La Manga.

Good option for  those who like adventure or on a budget and flying to Murcia in the day.


By road

The local roads are quiet in this area. Because of the layout of this area you have to drive right around the bottom of the Mar Menor Sea and the length of the La Manga Strip, which means the journey is approximately 1 hour. On a daytime transfer, the views are lovely driving right next to the coastline at point in La Manga.  It is two dual carriage way/motorways from the airport onto La Manga where it is one road from the top to bottom, so the drive is very simple. 

Car hire

This is often a similar price as a return taxi and is great to see the local area during your stay. Car hire prices are currently approximately £100 for a week in May 2014. Please note they will charge you additional costs for petrol and insurance which can double this price, but still is good value for a week. 

Good option to see the area, drive to local shops & marina whilst in the area



The simple way to avoid the stresses and have a drink on the plane! A one-way taxi journey to the apartments is approximately 70 euros, and they are available day and night right outside the terminal. 

Good option for no stress and no designated driver and you can be transported to your accommodation day or night.