— Lezzbavenue

DJ DeadDrop -  Simone Evans, also known as DeadDrop, has been Djing throughout Wales and the UK for the last 3 years. DeadDrop built her Djing career primarily on the gay scene playing at many gay venues across Wales and England. DeadDrop jointly manages Lezzbavenue and also runs a successful DJ event throughout Wales called FILTH. DeadDrop has played at gay prides and festivals and works hard to turn ideas and dreams into reality.

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DJ Alaina Paget – Up and coming welsh DJ, Alaina Paget, has residencies at FILTH and Lezzbavenue. Alaina has an outstanding passion for Djing and is currently producing original tracks with fellow DJ, DeadDrop. Alaina is a technical master with an eagerness to learn. A talented all round musician who produces exciting, original sets.

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