In 2017 we tried to add in more facilities and make a charge for childrens tickets. We tried it - and we don't think it worked! 

In 2018 U'16's tickets are FREE, with FREE camping!! Yes that means the whole family can come along and join in our wonderful event. 

Bodafon Farm is also a farm petting centre, so theres lots of animals for the kids to see and of course there is the sea! 

We will designate a family camping area so you can meet with other families and there will be L Fest crew families coordinator, so that you can camp and eat together and arrange betwen you to look after children if you want to take part in something. If you have any more suggestions please let us know! The family camping area is located near a toilet block and next to the sports arena. It's on the second field from the main arena so away from the noise too. 


For those of you who have been before we won't have Bibs Bananas this year but still have plenty of activities planned. The main arena has a children's playground and fort and the farm it self is a petting farm where there are numerous animals and birds that you can see and feed. The adult work shops will also have kids version, like SL Arts & Music, and other workshops designated just for children, Two little acorn forest school, sports sessions and a inflatable 120ft assault course! Of course less than 200m away you also have the sea! It's a Stoney beach, so building rock mountains rather than sandcastles (But there is a sandy beach on the other side of town) Llandudno itself also has the Great Orme for walking and sight seeing, with a cable car and vintage bus up it. A dry ski slope, bike hire, water sports and the lovely Victorian pier. 



We are delighted that the NCT are supporting the festival. The tent will have supplies of nappies, wipes, nappy sacks for baby changing, plus seats and bottle warming facilities. We will also have a selection of toys and books for children, plus snacks for children.


Pre L Fest Questions and meet ups

We've created a group on facebook for people who have bought U.16s tickets. This is a place where you can discuss how things work or ask questions if you haven't been before. Last year parents arranged joint cooking sessions for breakfast and swapped baby sitting between families and this was a lovely interactive space. 

Join in now : https://www.facebook.com/groups/250623522377516/