A UK based performer renowned for her hot and bold poetry Jay has performed from Severn Theatre UK to Seattle Pride USA in a range of general and LGBTQ venues.

Expect lots of the semiotic sexiness that earned her the title 'the literary love child of Jeanette Winterson and Allen Ginsberg' in a four star review from Broadway Baby, Edinburgh Fringe. Her poetry chapbook ‘FilthyLucre’ is now available. Shot through with a sexual energy that speaks of a fierce passion for all that is delicious and sometimes ludicrous, nothing is out of bounds.

Hearing her perform takes us on a shameless journey through poignancy and pleasure, animated by her lust for language and grounded in the inimitable eloquence of the erotic.Jay’s performances unabashedly flesh out territories of experience that are too often silenced, voicing these stories in a celebratory velvet-fingered testimony of acceptance. An invitation to join in and start "talking our bodies more seriously", her gigs often mix in a sprinkle of stand-up along with sexual exuberance , plenty og with dirty words – including  feminism. At times mesmerizing and hilarious, this is a must-see homage to the awakened body. 

“dizzying eroticism ... The literary lovechild of Jeanette Winterson and Allen Ginsberg” (****Broadway Baby) 

Bold, confidence, audacaious ...seen from Seattle to Shrewsbury and back again .. “a poet that cuts no corners ‘(Scotsgay)