On top of some strong tunes, sound production and musicianship, greymatter have been developing a reputation as a great live band - their album launch date sold out and their fans can’t get enough of them.
— Charlotte Cooper, GaydarNation

All-girl British pop rock band Greymatter fronted by Georgey Payne (The L Project) and Emma Kavanagh, have been performing live since 2004. They have 3 albums available worldwide, toured the UK and Europe and have graced many well known stages and events throughout their time performing.

Greymatter have won both the hearts and minds of a growing and dedicated following with their strong musicianship and warm personalities,  winning the L Fest band of 2013 & 2014. The group delivers beautiful vocal harmonies and lively layers of enduring rich melodies, carefully interlaced with heart-felt lyrics about love, heartache, yearning, and passion. They bring on emotion with heartfelt ballads but then get you on your feet with pulse racing rockier tunes, demonstrating their diverse and exciting sound. Georgey Payne songwriter for the band, wrote the chart topping LGBT charity song "It Does Get Better" and also "We're All Human" The L Project's next follow up charity song. If you loved the charity songs, then you will love Greymatter. These girls are not a band to be missed, energetic, honest, talented and a whole bunch of fun.