Futures Theatre is passionate about creating exceptional new writing and productions inspired by authentic female voices. Our productions grow from partnerships with brilliant female artists, in-depth research and significant engagement programs. We aim to respond to the issue of Female inequality, driven by gender prejudice, poverty, class and ethnicity, by creating theatre which ignites conversations and engenders change. 
Futures are bringing their latest play in development, Offside to L Fest this summer. Offside, co written by spoken word artists Sabrina Mahfouz and Hollie McNish, tells the story of Women’s Football in the UK through the eyes of a modern professional female footballer as she seeks to find a future in the game, through exploring its past. 
Mickey is alone in the locker room; she deliberates with herself about the biggest decision of her life, her career, her love – her football. But in a world where prejudice is rife and a feeling of self-limitation reduces opportunities; fear makes for poor decisions whilst joy flourishes in the unlikeliest of places.