Eeek…Great gigs… great sound…great talent
— MyLesbianRadio

Hailing from the Midlands (and New York), the ladies of Eeek met each other one by one, playing together in a variety of different bands over the past decade before finally forming Eeek in 2008. Their shared musical history and strong friendships are very apparent as the band seem to naturally fit together to form the unique Eeek sound. Eeek's original songs, with their thoughtful lyrics and engaging melodies, are built in the tradition of powerful female songwriters like Stevie Nicks and Patti Smith. In March 2013, Eeek released their first EP, with tracks that explore the mystical connection between love, loss and bowling. The EP has been well-received, particularly by Eeek's faithful and increasing group of fans, affectionately known as FrEeeks (friends of Eeek). Eeek are shortly returning to the studio to finish off their first full length album.

Lucy and Mandy had the pleasure and honour of recording with The L Project collective on the  LGBT charity single ‘We’re all Human’.

 We have new album, "Love, Loss & Bowling" out on general release and available on iTunes.