A three hour friendly titillation for all who thought about joining or wanting to explore the captivating world of Drag King's, hosted by Rogue Drag King with guest Drag King's Adam All and The Drag King.

1.What’s on and who’s who?An introduction by Rogue, Adam All and The Drag King

2.What is a Drag King and a brief account of the history of Drag Kings - A summary and hand out of a description of and history of Drag Kings you can take with you.

3.How do I become a Drag King? - A chance for you to experience becoming a Drag King:

  • Choose a name! – We will give you some help with this
  • The clothes make the man - there will be some costumes for you to try out and experiment with,  which must be returned at the end of the workshop
  • Breast binding – disguising the curves and is not compulsory!
  • Facial hair – we will show you different methods and how to use make-up / hair
  • Eyebrows – we will apply the make-up
  • Hair – we will supply the hair products
  • Performing masculinity on stage – we will supply the demonstrations of how to act, physicality, performance and how to stand, walk and talk like a man. There will even be the opportunity for the confident princes to strut their stuff to a song of your choice!
  • The package – bring a spare of socks...all will become clear ;)

4.The Performance - a short performance byRogue, Adam All and The Drag King.