DJ Henriette has been involved in performing in clubs and on parties for more than nine seasons and is very well known through the Prague scene and many other locations in the Czech Republic and countries around. Currently, you can see and hear her mainly in clubs like ON, P.M., Radost FX, Silwer and regularly on Castle Kotnov and private events. You could have heard her in clubs Rubyz, Mecca, Duplex etc. Guest appearances in Greece, Germany and the Slovak Republic. Her wide range of house, through latin, progressive up to electro makes her universal among DJs in the Czech market.
DJ Henriette is the active producer of clubs and organizes events each month, such a successful Freedom Night Party, always thematically related. The ladies night is the evening for the ladies and their friends, with the participation of guest DJs, presenters and other musical guests. This year is the 10th successful season here.
DJ Henriette participates in the production of Lollypop party at club Radost FX, which has been the longest established gay friendly party since 2001.
Since 2010, she Queer Eye Festival co-organizer, which focuses on alternative music, performance, visuality and shows the Czech society and culture of the "other, queer, perspective."

DJ Henriette at the opening of the International Eressos Women's Festival 2013