Claudia's extensive experience in various rooms nationwide have provided a solid background about
rhythms, sounds and mixes that determine a great personality on all issues emerging from the case of
this young Dj. Her presence in cartels with great personalities from the world of electronic music have enabled her to obtain considerable expertise that make each session unique and unrepeatable musical product.

Character and personality in abundance are shown in prominent national competitions such as Ibiza
White Experience which took third place thanks to a carefully staged wrapped in a selection of songs
perfectly suited to the moment. A path where the evolution and quality go hand in hand in order to plague rhythms of every room she walks in.

Her great passion for music makes her restless, ambitious and full of ability person capable of digging into the musical production. Her constant effort and training released her first track " WANGOH " under the seal Insolito Records. This was followed by other productions and remixes posted on Bedroom Muzik (Miami,EEUU), Seventy Nine Records (Mallorca, Spain), Off Site Records (Perú,Lima), and Black Turtle Records.