Clare Lydon is a London-based author who penned her first novel at primary school and it scored 9.5/10. She's still not sure what she was docked half a point for. A lack of lesbians perhaps?

Her mission in life is to rectify that mistake, by publishing a series of contemporary romance novels with lesbian protagonists. Hurray!

Her first novel, London Calling, was an international best-seller, garnering praise from around the globe. Her second novel, The Long Weekend, was the 2014 UK Lesbian Romance Christmas No.1 and stayed there for five weeks. Book three is due this summer.

Clare also hosts The Lesbian Book Club podcast, a regular feature on She lives with her wife in London, is a karaoke queen and bakes a mean banana cake.  

“Clare Lydon's second novel sets out her stall as a fixture in the modern lesbian lit canon” Katie Bennett-Hall, Planet London