• L Fest 2017 (map)
  • LE12 5SQ

Different for Girls is a ground breaking, sexy LGBTQ 5 part drama webseries Enter a world where love, sex and suspense meet betrayal, cruelty and heartbreak. Fran and Cam, thrown joyously together again after a heart breaking split, find their future unexpectedly compromised by the consequences of a random act Cam committed during their time apart. Meanwhile Gemma and Jude, newly in love, are torn apart by Gemma’s fake fiancé whose horrific secret Jude has just discovered. Then there is Brooke and Nicola, married for seven years, whose future is threatened by something ominous and sickening that they seemingly have no control over. This is the world where the survival of love is all that matters, and a world where being different is ultimately the new normal.

Written & created by Jacquie Lawrence, produced by Fizz Milton and directed by Campbell X and shot by Oona Menges. The cast includes Rachel Shelley, Charlie Hardwick, Nimmy March, Jake Graf, Sarah Soetaert, Victoria Broom, Toby Sawyer, Caroline Whitney Smith, Topher Campbell, Helen Oakleigh, Tuyen Do, Sophie Ottley, Guinevere Turner and Craig Robert Young.