• L Fest 2017 (map)
  • LE12 5SQ

Chloe comes to Brighton for a week, to look after her ex-girlfriend Robyn's cat, while Robyn goes to a conference with her new girlfriend. While in Brighton, Chloe goes on internet dates with two very different women, and also meets Blake, Robyn's neighbour, whom Robyn is quick to out to Chloe as a trans man. It's the first time that Chloe has ever met a person with a trans experience, and she finds herself attracted to Blake; but as a gay-identified woman, could it be that she just doesn't see him for who he really is?

'As We Are' - Season 1 was fully self-funded. It has been selected for 11 international festivals so far, and won 5 awards.

"We could bang on about this fantastic series for days... Charming, funny and toe-curlingly awkward at times - with great music to boot - As We Are is definitely one to watch" - DIVA Magazine