Catherine Cunningham grew up near a small village in West Limerick where she honed her creative writing talents taking minutes for the local branch of the Legion of Mary.   Her position as secretary became untenable, when, while studying philosophy  at college, she lost her belief in God and became a lesbian!

Songwriting provided another outlet for her creative energies, and she spent several years travelling around the U.S. and Canada, sharing songs and stories withtruckers, gurus, ex-cons and evangelists -  around camp-fires, on street corners, in cafes and at festivals. Heartfelt, political and thought provoking, Catherine’s songs twist and turn  through the most unexpected of landscapes to  paint stories full of longing, humour and passion.

Mischievious and deeply  irreverent, her performances are highly engaging affairs, and not for the faint of heart or the overly  earnest!   She now lives in West Cork where, in addition to writing folk music for pole dancers, she teaches guitar and facilitates community music workshops. 

“I receive hundreds of albums each year and I think there is something very special in what she does.” Colm Sands (BBC Radio Ulster)