The cabaret and comedy will be in the new big top arena for 2015, creating an electric atmosphere whilst watching some top quality performances. All you need to do is sit back and relax for evenings full of laughter. I cannot wait to see all of these shows!
— Cindy Edwards - Festival Director

Friday night - 21:00 - 23:30

Here Come The Gals Cabaret Night

What better way to commence your enjoyment of the UK’s premiere award-winning lesbian music, arts and comedy festival than to be entertained by an opening night cabaret gala starring the UK’s premiere lesbian musicians, artists and comediennes?

Buckle in and harness your true festival spirit with this gorgeous smorgasbord of music, comedy, musical comedy; disco, drag, and divas... Here Come The Gals bringing with them every flavour of fun for your delectation.

Hosted by lara A king

Mae Martin / Hannah Brackenbury / Marina Orsag (only female comedian in Croatia) / Rogue Drag King / Adam All and Apple Derrieres / Loretta Von Dini

plus Saturday Night Diva


Saturday night 21:00 - 22:30

Murder in Lezzwood

The Cast

Production Company: The Lezzwood Players present Murder in Lezzwood

A thigh slappin', feet stompin', cowboi lovin' comedy musical! Come and join us to experience the excitement and drama of the Lezzwood Saloon. Featuring hits such as 'Stand by your Dyke', 'It's not 9 til 5', and 'Rhinestone Cowboi' this is a show to be missed!

This is a lesbian murder, mystery, comedy musical where you, the audience are customers of the Lezzwood Saloon helping solve the mystery whilst singing, line dancing and mixing with the very sexy, sassy pistol packin' mamas!! Featuring Clit Westwood, Connie Lingus, Dolly Partem, Emmeline and Titty Galore, Sheriff Catchum & Dee Luscious

Sunday night 20:00 - 22:30

Laughing Cows Comedy presents Kerry Leigh MC, Alice Frick, Lesley Kershaw, Bethany Black & Zoe Lyons

The Laughing cows comedy always end our festival and is always one of the main highlights, so make sure you book monday off work! 

Laughing Cows Comedy has been proudly celebrating, showcasing & developing women in comedy since 1998 across the UK and Europe. 

Laughing Cows Comedy produces live stand up comedy shows across the UK and the annual Women in Comedy Festival which is now in it’s second year. The nights feature and all female line up of comedy and was established in 1998 after a London comedy promoter inadvertently threw down the proverbial gauntlet. ‘We were discussing female comics and I asked why there's never more than one female comedian on the bill and he said, oh we wouldn't take that risk,’ Hazel O’Keefe the founder explains, ‘The comedy scene is so doused in testosterone that it's almost capable of growing a goatee beard and sideburns. Female comedians have been fighting to exhibit their talents and prove their quality over the years, and we’re here to help redress the balance’.  Manchester Evening News - Marissa Burgess..

“The Most fun I’ve had in years!” - Julie Jepson

''Laughing Cows have provided me with invaluable support as a new female stand up, it's great to get advice from peers who have more experience. The comedy night in Manchester is one of the best comedy nights on the circuit, I love the relaxed atmosphere, intelligent humour and audience participation.'' - Shaista Aziz 2010 

“Laughing Cows is definitely my favourite gig, it has the best venues/audiences and the atmosphere is always fantastic. I luv em!” - Claire Parker