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Big Love Sista Workshops

Official sponsor of L Fest 2014

Official sponsor of L Fest 2014

What we are...

Big Love Sista is a creative, juicy - sometimes radical - social enterprise that welcomes women into a warm circle of friendship to transform lives through the power of art.

What we believe in...
We believe in authenticity and being real - we don't wear suits to work but we are happy for you to! 
We believe everyone deserves to explore, heal and share their stories and SHINE.
We believe in the power of creativity and art as medicine to transform the world.
We believe in glitter and chocolate and we like to share it.
We believe in working very creatively and risking doing things differently.
We believe people in our communities, refuges, mental health and unemployment systems etc have much to give and teach and share. 

What we love...
We love working with diverse groups from marginalised groups to large businesses.
We love discovering and celebrating the beautiful common threads between very different people.
We are passionate about what we do its our life work and our calling.
We love hearing stories about transformation and celebrating the courage to turn the page and write a new chapter.

What we do...
We do big, brave projects, exhibitions and magical gatherings and events.
We run a brilliant global project with women from all over the world connecting and creating and celebrating their stories.
We empower people who are usually unseen to take up space and shine in high profile arenas.
We do ART … and we help everyone else free up and find their artist self too.
We are really good at what we do and that's why we get to do such amazing contracts and juicy work.
We say words like “gorgeous and juicy” a lot and you may resist it at first but we notice it's addictive!
We help people to make new friends, new connections and new possibilities in small communities - and in big, global ways.
We deliver large yummy projects to improve well-being and self-esteem and widen horizons in partnership with big organisations such as Probation Services, CCGs, city councils and businesses.
We keep learning and growing and stretching and we prefer to dwell in possibility than in limitation.
We create moveable feasts – safe, deeply divine spaces for individuals, groups and communities to risk authenticity and to express their own creativity with the juiciest of results!

Who we are... 

Clare Campbell 
Founder Creative Director and CEO

Clare is a colourful, irreverent artist with big dreams and visions. She has 20 years experience facilitating big groups in mental health, with survivors of sexual abuse, in prisons, schools, hospitals, homeless shelters and with young offenders. She also works with senior management and staff teams across many sectors.
15 years ago she founded Wild Woman – a social enterprise that inspired over 20,000 individuals to change their lives dramatically and follow their dreams. In 2012, while recovering from a breakdown she founded Big Love Sista, which was borne out of the legacy of a successful project which saw 100 exhibit their portraits at The Tate, Liverpool. You can find out more about Clare on her website.

Our other directors are Jacquie Johnston Lynch and Jenni Williams.

We also have a small juicy team of volunteers from the communities we work in.

Big Sista Love at L Fest 2014

Big Love Sista Glittery Goddess Tent -  Sista Stories Exhibition

A stunning Exhibition of 100 X 6 foot goddesses warriors and wild women….interactive magic, hugs and juicy inspiration - come and get loved up, walk the magic labyrinth and take a glitter bath !!  

Paint yourself as a juicy goddess warrior 

Visioning a juicy future, walk our magic glittery labyrinth and carve a sassy new path for yourself in life. Inspire yourself with some big sista love poetry and dream a delicious future

Wild woman wake up session

Start your day magically by picking a gorgeous goddess meditation card -stretch your mind and body with a lovely healing wake up and a blast of big sista love...with Clare Campbell and the Big Love Sistas.

Big love sista spirit circle 

Experience sitting in sacred circle with our juicy team of women from big love sista - each afternoon we will explore different themes - lesbian women spirituality, women's circles how to run them , etc ... Each woman has a chance to be heard in a safe supportive space.

Bedtime sista stories

Sit round the big love sista camp fire as we tell goddess bedtime stories and send you off into the night with a peaceful inspired mind and a magic goddess card to put under your pillow!