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  • LE12 5SQ

Over the last decade Sarah has spent more than a year rowing solo across the world's oceans, kayaked for thousands of miles in remote and beautiful places and cycling the bits in-between. Her most recent major expedition was a 4.5 year bid to loop the planet using human power. An advocate of getting outside and of breaking down the lack of diversity in the adventure world, Sarah is all about sharing the good energy and spirit of the outdoors. She's not one for hyperbole - but is appreciated for her rawness, honesty and smiling ability to share both the storms and the sunshine.

Her latest book ‘Dare to Do’ recounts the tale of L2L. In 2018 a documentary of the journey will release. She is scared of cats and deep water, loves gardening and baking and gin with family and friends.

Twitter page@SarahOuten