Annabel Pribelszki is a Brighton based performance poet, who made her debut in Sydney, Australia in 1999. Since then she has performed in numerous venues across the South-East of England, including the Women’s Stage at Brighton Pride. She has been a regular compère at the Women in Tune festival, also leading performance workshops.  

Annabel has performed stand-up comedy at Comedy andCupcakes in London, as well as at Funny Girls and Funny Women in Brighton.

Her poetry set ‘From Dating to Mating’ was very well received at Have a Word (Brighton), LFest 2014, and at Polari 2015.

Her events management company, Charity Cabaret, has raised £1000 for charities such as Brighton Women’s Centre, RISE and Brighton and Hove LGBT Switchboard. Charity Cabaret are hosting the Sheila McWattie Women’s Performance Stage at Brighton Pride 2015.

Annabel is delighted to be hosting the spoken word stage at LFest 2015.