Together, front women Samira and Jaheda, guitarist Lou Anderson, bassist Sarah Kerton & drummer Sophie Wozencraft form Ajah UK, an unsigned, independent and unique Hip-Hop/Rock act. The absence of a record label/manager, however, hasn't stopped this band of fierce women making a name for themselves across the UK and beyond.  
Ajah UK don't conform to the hetero-normative perceptions of women and take pride in this. Music gives each band member a voice and path to freedom and together as Ajah UK they will walk that path beyond all boundaries and limitations. What constitutes their live performances, therefore, is an epic and intense collaboration of words, music and entertainment that cuts the bullshit and represents everything they stand for as musicians and women. 
Ajah-UK’s debut album ‘Money Ain’t Your Friend’ is an album from the heart. It tells stories of poverty, celebration of female strength & the love/heartache that comes with being a woman and a human being who loves.