L Fest 2015 JULY 17th - 20th


Including all music, arts, cinema, workshops, sports, cabaret, comedy AND 3 nights camping for  £99

SUPER EARLY BIRD TICKETS £85 Valid for August only!

**NEW STREET CREW TICKET**  £99 Valid for 100 tickets!

People have asked how they can help us promote so we have created the Street Crew. The best way to promote L Fest is on the street, by telling more people! Anyone can buy a street crew ticket for £99 and we will send you a weekend ticket now and then in October we will send you a t shirt and flyers so you can help promote L Fest 2015 where you live. 

Children U.16 are FREE and there's even a full children's programme of activities!

PAY BY CHEQUE: If you would prefer to pay by cheque then please download the form HERE.

TICKETS: Every year we get people asking for different tickets, we have to have boundaries so have allocated specific tickets below. This year have seen the day tickets change by popular demand. The prices are set - no exceptions.

REFUNDS: I'm very sorry if your cat is ill or you woke up with a hangover or you have a much more serious reason why you cant attend L Fest, but as with any other event we cant offer ANY refunds so please don't ask as refusal can offend.

GREAT VALUE: Yet again we have kept the price down because we believe in good priced tickets and doubling the attendance, so more people can enjoy L Fest! So come and spend the whole weekend with us! £99 for a weekend ticket including all music, arts, cinema, workshops, sports, cabaret &  comedy AND 3 nights camping, I think you will agree is extremely good value!

Day tickets are valid 10am - 10am Saturday or Sunday. One price £60 - £20 refund if leaving before 7pm and not staying for evening entertainment. Camping is free, no discount if you are not staying over.  

Group tickets - If you have a group of 10 or more email EMAIL US for a discount code.

Children U.16 are FREE and there's even a full children's programme of activities!

If you require a carer ticket to enable you to come to the festival please EMAIL US for a booking form.