In 2017 we tried to add in more facilities and make a charge for childrens tickets. We tried it - and we don't think it worked! 

In 2018 U'16's tickets are FREE, with FREE camping!! Yes that means the whole family can come along and join in our wonderful event. 

There will be workshops within the main timetable for children and families, however there wont be a designated kids marquee with games this year, but we do have an incredible kids play area with castle climbing frame and obstacle course. 

Bodafon Farm is also a farm petting centre, so theres lots of animals for the kids to see and of course there is the sea! 

We will designate a family camping area so you can meet with other families and there will be L Fest crew families coordinator, so that you can camp and eat together and arrange betwen you to look after children if you want to take part in something. If you have any more suggestions please let us know! 

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